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Balgonie Soccer is excited to announce we will be registering our U4 teams in the Tim Bits Soccer program this season. U4 Players who register will receive a Tim Bits jersey and soccer ball to use for the season. These items, including a metal, will be theirs to keep at the end of the season! With the introduction of Tim Bits, we will also be making some changes to the U4 game structure:

1. The first change to note is our U4 teams will only be playing locally against other Balgonie teams. This will cut down on travel time for our young players.

2. The size of the playing field will be cut in half. Young players tire quickly as they chase the ball all over the field. By reducing the size of the field, players will spend less time chasing the ball and more time handling it.

3. We will reduce the number of players on the field during games. This will allow coaches to slow game play down, giving players more opportunity to control the ball and practice the skills they are learning.

The goal with these changes is to provide opportunity for our young players to learn and practice the fundamental skills of soccer and build stronger players for the future. We are excited to be bringing Tim Bits Soccer to Balgonie and look forward to the start of our outdoor season!

As always, we will be looking for coaches and assistant coaches for all age groups. Balgonie Soccer is available to support coaches and answer questions as they arise. Each coach will be provided with an information package at the beginning of the season. The package will include rules for the game as well as age-appropriate drills to run with their players. If you have any questions about becoming a coach, please feel free to reach out to the Board on our Balgonie Soccer Facebook page, use the Contact Us page on our website, or email us at balgoniesoccer@gmail.com  

Balgonie soccer is a closed Facebook group, so please feel free to invite your friends or family members to join the group if they are thinking of registering a player of any age this season.

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