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Welcome to Balgonie Soccer​

Balgonie Soccer is a volunteer run organization providing Outdoor and Indoor recreational soccer for our youth.
We are apart of TAYSA - Triangle Area Youth Soccer Association -  which is made up of soccer
associations from White City/Emerald Park, Pilot Butte, Balgonie, and McLean.
Our older age groups play Interzone recreational soccer with Regina community soccer associations.

The Outdoor 2024 season is coming to a close.  Please visit the Schedule page to find the Jamboree information and schedule. Games will be played June 14th and 15th.


We are especially looking for those interested in joining our board. Here are the roles that are currently open:
• Referee Manager - This key position needs to be filled ASAP!! 
Thanks to those who have stepped up to help out.  Individuals are welcome to do more than one role.  Even if you can only volunteer a little bit of time, please let us know as we do have things you can help out with.  Experienced board members will support you and help you move into the roles.  You can reach out to us on our website , or by emailing

Thanks again everyone
Balgonie Soccer Board

BIG thank you to all the COACHES/PARENT HELPERS who volunteered to work with our players!!!  We can't have a season without you!   
And thanks to the Referees who signed up. We have some new ones joining us so lets encourage them to keep Reffing for the next few years.

If you haven't already, please download and sign into the Teamlinkt Mobile App. This will be used by the team for communications: chat and email functionality, letting the coaches know if your player will be attending the game/practice or not. Also the schedule will be added into the app. This schedule can be synced with your personal calendar - to see how to subscribe please go to our Schedule page where you can find links to the instructions.
(Please do Not use the Teamlinkt Mobile App to register, create a team, or sign up as a coach. If a team gets created or a coach registers there it will get deleted))

* The league runs with parent volunteers, we ask that if you can sign up to coach or assist in coaching that would help a lot as we can't create teams without you!.
If interested in coaching please go to the Coach registration to sign up.
We will be running a coaching night to help with learning the game and the rules.

* Also we are looking to get Referees that are interested in joining with Balgonie Soccer. This is a paid position! 
If interested you will need to sign up using Referee registration
(Please note: if you are registered as a player under your parent email address, you will need a separate email address for yourself to sign up as a referee. You will use this email address to sign into the Officials web application and will receive game and referee information at that email address.)

PLEASE continue to volunteer and be positive lights in our kids' lives!
We cannot do this without ALL of YOUR help!